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CardCalc Wizard: How bad is your credit card debt?

When you make only the minium payment each month on your credit card it feels like you are simply treading water. This has often been referred to as the debt treadmill. Our CardCalc Wizard calculator will show you the true cost of making only the minimum monthly payment.



With ZilchWorks you will save $1,387.26 on just this one credit card. If you are like most people you have more than one credit card. How much money you are throwing away?

Learn how to get out of debt in 18 months (or less)

❝It is almost laughable at how easy it is to get this paid off❞

After being trapped by the vultures in the credit card industry, I followed your advice and have started to make progress paying off my debts. I never knew about the ways these vicious companies keep a consumer paying for years and years. You have really opened my eyes to this problem.

I have followed your advice for 15 months. My minimums are so low its shocking but I keep making the amount I set up. It is almost laughable at how easy it is to get this paid off but without your help, I never would have been able to do this. Thanks again Mike. Keep doing what you're doing. And I hope you get rich and famous and live a fantastic life.

Robert Gardner - Georgia

I am really impressed with your software program. It's simply wonderful. Thank you.

John Barrientes - Bloomington, Illinois
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