Reduce Your Debts To 'Zilch'

Turn the data about your debts into a monthly payoff plan with 3 simple steps.

Credit card issuers don't required the entire balance to be paid in full each month. Instead, they calculate the minimum monthly payment due as a percentage of the outstanding balance. This is called a declining payment. Credit card companies use this method to make thousands of dollars by dragging out the payments for years.

Zilch is easy to use, and will show you how to beat these credit card issuers at their own game. You simply enter the name, annual percentage rate, balance, and monthly payment for each of your creditors. Zilch does the rest.

You get a personalized monthly payment schedule that calculates when you will be out of debt. Your payment plan shows you exactly how much to pay each creditor every month. Now, you can take advantage of trade secrets used by expert financial counselors in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

See for yourself why Zilch has been a trusted solution for over 33 years. Download your free trial today!

Simple. Safe. Effective.

Requires Microsoft Windows


Debts: 4   Total Debt: $11,242   Extra Money: $100


Savings: $8,837     Payoff Time: 37 Months


Monthly Payment Plan


The secret to getting out of debt fast is using a payment snowball. As one debt is paid off you shift that money to the next highest priority debt. ZilchWorks takes all the information about your debts (balances, interest rates, monthly payments) and intstantly turns it into a realistic payoff plan. You see exactly how much to pay each credit each month. See a detailed walk-though of how Zilch works.


Your personal information and financial data are never shared with anyone! When you purchase and install our software on your computer that's where it stays. From that point on what you do with our software is completely up to you.

  • No one sees your information unless you explicitly give it to them
  • No communication goes back and forth across the internet
  • No salesman will call and ask you for information


Because you see your actual debt-free date, there's a wonderful feeling of hope that comes over you. Hope that immediately turns into belief. A belief that's strong. Why is that belief so strong, because there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can see it. You believe it. You know you will get out of debt soon. Now that's exciting.

  • You have a plan to get out of debt on a specified date
  • You know how much to pay every single creditor each month
  • You will make it happen


Testimonial scroll

❝You'd think someone with a Finance degree would be able to avoid debt❞

You'd think someone with a Finance degree would be able to avoid debt, but my husband and I hadn't avoided it. I had quit working to raise our family, and two of our children had major medical bills. We found ourselves in over $80,000 of mostly unsecured debt. I was desperate when I found ZilchWorks. Your software was like a ray of light shining in on our dark situation.

When I SAW, that we could be debt free by 2011, even though that was years away, it was just the motivation I needed. The printed reports have been vital in our success. They keep me on track when I am tempted to spend money I shouldn't be. I keep them handy so I can glance at them and remind myself where we are headed. The idea that we will have financial freedom THIS YEAR is exhilarating!

I now have the desire to help others get out of their debt situations, so I am happy to tell the world that ZilchWorks can get you there. And by the way, this is a “paid” testimony... we've been “paid” all the interest that would have been shelled out to lenders had I not found this program.

I pray we never find ourselves back in the credit card mess we were in. But if for some emergency we do, I will have the tools ZilchWorks taught me to get us out of it!

Lovina Penry - California