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How Credit Card Math Saved Kate's Marriage

( How Credit Card Math Saved Kate's Marriage )


Meet Kate
She lives in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
She's married with two school aged children
Kate is the one who pays all the bills in the house

Kate's not happy
Because Kate and her husband have too much credit card debt
And, anytime she tries talking to her husband
about their debt, he gets - MAD!

He digs up the same old things from the past
They fight
Things get said
Nothing gets resolved
They go to bed angry

This makes Kate very sad
She feels like her marriage is doomed

One day while surfing the Internet
Kate discovered Credit Card Math

Credit Card Math is chock full of financial information
It goes behind the scenes
And reveals the true secrets about credit cards
Like how credit cards really work
And why it takes so long to pay them off
It even shows how to get out of debt - Fast!

Kate downloaded Credit Card Math
And left it running on the computer
Hoping her husband would see it

Later in the day Kates's husband saw Credit Card Math
He seemed interested
He watch chapter one
Then chapter two
Then three

When he finished watching Credit Card Math he was all excited
He couldn’t wait to talk to Kate about paying off their debt
And setting up a plan
Just like the one from Credit Card Math

Kate was happy
Credit Card Math did what Kate couldn’t do
It got through to her husband
And just may have saved her marriage

Be like Kate
Get Credit Card Math
It may just save your marriage too


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