Wipe out your credit card debt and save thousands in interest penalties.

Just fill in the blanks and push a button. We turn the information about your debts into a step-by-step payment plan that gets you out of debt. You'll save a ton of money and get out of debt fast.

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Simply dial in your debt free date and push a button!

All you do is pick your debt-free date and ZilchWorks does the rest. Your customized debt repayment plan is built instantly, right in front of your eyes, based on your specific debt-free date. Watch this two minute video and see how easy it is to pick your own debt-free date.


Mike Riley here from ZilchWorks. I want to talk to you about our dial-a-date feature that comes with our debt reduction software. Dial-a-date lets you pick the debt free date and ZilchWorks does the rest.

To demonstrate how the dial-a-date works I'm going to load a sample file. I'm going to choose sample two. And if you notice sample two has four debts. Total debts $11,242 dollars, monthly payments are equal to $299 dollars, and pledge money is at $100 dollars. To use our dial-a-date feature click on the debt reduction button.

If you notice this debt repayment plan is going to take thirty-seven months to pay off. Now suppose you wanted to be out of debt in twenty-four months instead of thirty-seven months. That's when you would use the dial-a-date feature.

To use the dial-a-date feature you click on the third radio button and dial in the number of months you want your debt repayment plan to take. In this example let's say twenty-four months. Hit the calculate button and ZilchWorks does thousands and thousands of calculations. It determines that you need $259 dollars in pledge money in order to pay off these four loans or debts in twenty-four months.

Now suppose you wanted to be out of debt in eighteen months instead of twenty-four months. Go back down to the dial-a-date section and dial it down to eighteen months. Hit the calculate button and ZilchWorks again does thousands and thousands of calculations and determines that you need $414 dollars in pledge month each and every month.

That is how you use the dial-a-date feature of our debt reduction software. Remember, our debt reduction software has a dial-a-date feature that lets you pick the debt free date and ZilchWorks does the work for you.

This is Mike Riley from ZilchWorks. Thank you for watching.


What is Pledge Money?

Pledge Money is the extra amount of money (if any) you can afford to apply toward your debt repayment plan each and every month. The more Pledge Money you can use, the faster you will get out of debt and the more money you will save. While adding Pledge Money can make a difference, it is not necessary for you to have any extra money to make this program work for you.

❝You'd think someone with a Finance degree would be able to avoid debt❞

You'd think someone with a Finance degree would be able to avoid debt, but my husband and I hadn't avoided it. I had quit working to raise our family, and two of our children had major medical bills. We found ourselves in over $80,000 of mostly unsecured debt. I was desperate when I found ZilchWorks. Your software was like a ray of light shining in on our dark situation.

When I SAW, that we could be debt free by 2011, even though that was years away, it was just the motivation I needed. The printed reports have been vital in our success. They keep me on track when I am tempted to spend money I shouldn't be. I keep them handy so I can glance at them and remind myself where we are headed. The idea that we will have financial freedom THIS YEAR is exhilarating!

I now have the desire to help others get out of their debt situations, so I am happy to tell the world that ZilchWorks can get you there. And by the way, this is a “paid” testimony... we've been “paid” all the interest that would have been shelled out to lenders had I not found this program.

I pray we never find ourselves back in the credit card mess we were in. But if for some emergency we do, I will have the tools ZilchWorks taught me to get us out of it!

Lovina Penry - California
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Requires Microsoft Windows

USMC Gunnery Sergeant Chevron is owned and operated by Michael J. Riley, a retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. Riley's easy to use Zilch software has been helping people get themselves out of debt since 1991.

"Zilch does one thing and does it very well. It gets you out of debt."

Your program is great! I've been showing this to my co-workers and they all think it is great too. Thanks for designing it.

Susan Tweten - California
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Our software does one thing, and does it very well. We help you get out of debt.