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Updated Credit Card Management eBook from Respected Debt Management Software Company
Michael Riley - May 28, 2015

ZilchWorks, a debt management software developer since 1990, has released an updated version of its Credit Card Math eBook. Credit Card Math is an easy-to-use guide to understanding and managing credit card debt. ZilchWorks has found that customers who follow the eBook's straightforward advice have reduced their long-term interest payments by...

3 Credit Card Math Mistakes That Are Costing You Money
Gerri Detweiler - March 02, 2015

Twenty years ago when Michael Riley first released his Credit Card Math tutorial, most people had no clue how interest on credit cards work. In fact, his revelations about how credit card interest and payment methods worked were considered so shocking...

Who Says Personal Finance Software is Dead?
Daniel Bortz - May 9, 2013 10:58 AM

If you've fallen behind on payments on multiple credit cards, ZilchWorks can help you design a plan to pay off the debt. Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education at Credit.com, says...

5 Ways to Get Out of Debt: Which Will Work for You?

You've set your goal to get out of debt. Now you have to figure out how to achieve that goal. But with so many different experts touting different solutions, how do you pick the one that will work for you? Here are five...>/p>

Debt Reduction Software Helps You Pay Down Bills
financialsoft.about.com - Shelley Elmblad

If you carry balances on credit cards or have outstanding loans, and bills are catching up with you, you need a plan to pay those debts off. The debt reduction software listed here will help you...

Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies
Sheryl Garrett © 2012 (pg 78)

A great, low-cost tool that can help you quickly establish the most effective debt-reduction plan for your unique situation is available online at www.zilchworks.com. You can ...

Retirement Planning: Cut Your Debt Before You Quit
CBS MoneyWatch.com - Mark Miller - Jan 28, 2010

The free Credit Card Math calculator at ZilchWorks, a handy tool, can show you how to develop a rapid debt reduction plan to rid yourself of the plastic albatross.

DebtGoal is Way Too Expensive to Justify. Walk on By.
GetOutOfDebt.org - Steve Rhode - Mar 25, 2010

What concerns me is that all of the features of creating a personalized plan to get out of debt in the fastest time and save the most amount of money doing it can be achieved with ZilchWorks that only costs a one-time fee of $39.95.

Credit Card Debt Management Programs
eHow.com - Kara Benoit - July 12, 2010

ZilchWorks offers a debt reduction planner which allows you to set your own payment plan and terms. You can also set a goal date in which you want to pay off your credit card debt and the software will automatically calculate how much you need to pay off each month in order to reach that goal.

A Debt Tool I Love...at a Price You'll Love
Gerri Detweiler's Consumer Alerts - January 13, 2010

Nearly eighteen years ago, I was interviewed on Dateline NBC for a story about credit card debt. A professor and his wife needed help conquering their pile of debt, and as a consumer advocate working for a leading non-profit organization focused on credit issues, I was brought in to give them an action plan.

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Our customers pay 50-60% less in interest penalties and get out of debt 55-65% faster!

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Credit Card Math
Chock full of financial information that helps you avoid the pitfalls of credit card debt.

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ZilchWorks helps people get out of debt. We have been teaching the payment snowball method for elliminating debt since 1990. Our most popular product, Credit Card Math™, is chock full of timeless, financial information. Credit Card Math™ first appeared in 1994 and continues to receive thousands of downloads from all over the world. Our Zilch Standard™ product is an easy to use, low cost solution that creates do-it-yourself debt management plans. Zilch Standard™ takes advantage of trade secrets used by many expert financial counselors. Our customers get out of debt 55% - 65% faster. ZilchWorks is owned and operated by Michael J. Riley, a retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant.

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