Create first-class debt management plans for clients in 10 minutes

Debt Manager Professional handles all the nitty-gritty, number-crunching stuff so you can focus on your customer and her needs.

Requires Microsoft Windows

Debt Manager Professional

Perfect Tool For Financial Counselors

Debt Manager Professional is the perfect tool for financial counselors, pastors, and those who feel compelled to offer financial help to others. Don't let your clients go somewhere else looking for debt help. Give them the peace of mind they want.

Instant WOW Factor!

Create easy to understand debt management plans in less than ten minutes. You'll be amazed how quickly your clients just "get it". It's almost magic...
  • Enter the information and push a button
  • Show the results to your client
  • The light goes on
  • Bingo, your client gets it

Payoff Summary Report

( Payoff Summary Report )

Report Branding Tool

( Report Branding Tool )


Debt to Wealth Financial Profile

( Debt to Wealth Financial Profile )


Monthly Payment Schedule

( Monthly Payment Schedule )


Build Debt Management Plans Based on a Debt Free Date

Debt Manager Professional lets you choose the debt free date and automatically calculates how much extra money is needed each month to meet that goal. Let's say you want to present both a 24 month and an 18 month debt management plan option to your client. You simply dial in 24 months, push a button, and you have a 24 month payment plan. Repeat this again using 18 months for an 18 month payment plan.

(Video from Zilch Standard. Works the same in Debt Manager Professional)

❝I want to give a 5 star endorsement of Mike Riley and his software program❞

I want to give a 5 star endorsement of Mike Riley and his software program 'ZilchWorks'. I have known Mike for many years and I have found that in all of our transactions he has been highly ethical and extremely intelligent. I purchased the software program 'Zilch' many years ago and it has been a solid program and does an excellent job in presently the most intelligent plan anyone has ever devised for paying off credit card debt.

And I know that Mike got his experience in developing his program from volunteering and helping people. That's one of the reasons his program is so affordable. I give Mike an unqualified endorsement as being highly ethical, intelligent and concerned for the welfare of others.

I'm a bankruptcy attorney and have been in practice for over 27 years and there are very few people to whom I have ever given a 5 star rating and Mike is one of them. And in order to allow you to verify this '5 Star Rating', I'm providing my contact information as follows:

Dave Falvey, Esq.
258 Route 12
Groton, CT 06340
Tele (860) 449-1510

Dave Falvey, Esq. - Groton, Connecticut

You'd think someone with a Finance degree would be able to avoid debt, but my husband and I hadn't avoided it. I had quit working to raise our family, and two of our children had major medical bills. We found ourselves in over $80,000 of mostly unsecured debt. I was desperate when I found ZilchWorks. Your software was like a ray of light shining in on our dark situation.

When I SAW, that we could be debt free by 2011, even though that was years away, it was just the motivation I needed. The printed reports have been vital in our success. They keep me on track when I am tempted to spend money I shouldn't be. I keep them handy so I can glance at them and remind myself where we are headed. The idea that we will have financial freedom THIS YEAR is exhilarating!

I now have the desire to help others get out of their debt situations, so I am happy to tell the world that ZilchWorks can get you there. And by the way, this is a “paid” testimony... we've been “paid” all the interest that would have been shelled out to lenders had I not found this program.

I pray we never find ourselves back in the credit card mess we were in. But if for some emergency we do, I will have the tools ZilchWorks taught me to get us out of it!

Lovina Penry - California
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