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What's New in the 2020 Release of Zilch Standard

Mike Riley from ZilchWorks, walks through what's new in the 2020 release of Zilch Standard. Everything from a cleaner and simplified look and feel to the elegant, updated "what-if" features are demonstrated in this short 6 minute video.

How Credit Card Math Saved Kate's Marriage

No matter how hard Kate tried, she just couldn't talk to her husband about their debt. Kate's husband wouldn't listen to her. Instead he would lash out. Why, because he always turned what Kate said and took it as a personal attack.

Introduction to Credit Card Math

Got credit card debt? Don't feel like you are the only one. 7 out of 10 consumers carry a balance on the credit cards. Credit Card Math goes behind the scenes and exposes the dirty little secrets credit card companies don't want you to know.

Today is the day I get out of debt! (Motivational Video)

This motivational video will inspire you to get out of debt. There's no better time to get out of debt than right now. Perhaps all you need is a little encouragement. Gunnery Sergeant Michael Riley will give you that nudge.

Get familiar with the Main Screen of Zilch Standard

This video gives you a big picture view of the Main Screen of Zilch Standard.

Exploring the Main Menu Options within Zilch Standard

This video goes over the Main Menu options available within Zilch Standard. File, Loans, Investments, Preferences, Help.

Understanding the Payment Plan Options within Zilch Standard

This video explains the four Payment Plan options available within Zilch Standard. Start Month, Payoff Strategy,Pledge Money, Payment Plan. It ends with an in-depth discussion of the seven different payoff strategies available.

What do you want to be when you grow up? (Motivational Video)

The question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is not just for kids. For some reason adults have stopped asking themselves this question. Why? Are you happy with your job? Life? Direction your headed? Unsure what do do? Listen to this life changing message from Gunnery Sergeant Michael Riley.


Chrome says your software is dangerous. What do I do?

The latest version of our software has been flagged as dangerous. It is safe to download. Follow these steps to safely install our software on your computer.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Won't Let Me Install Your Software

Microsoft Defender does a very good job keeping your computer safe. It does it's best to prevent harmful software from getting installed on your computer. However, there are times when some legitimate software...

Debt shark with sharp teeth

How 81 Year Old Betty Kicked the Debt Shark's Ass

There is an entire industry of deceitful businesses out there just waiting to pounce on debt-ridden consumers. They have perfected their message. They know exactly what to say and how to say it. Be Like Betty. Learn how to kick a debt shark's ass.

Surviving Debt - Expert Advice for Getting Out of Financial Trouble

IT'S FREE This should be considered your Financial First-Aid Kit. Stop screwing around and wasting your time on internet forums. Get precise, practical, and hard-hitting advice from law experts. Topics covered:

  1. Stopping Debt Harassment
  2. Dealing with Credit Card, Medical, and Student Loan Debts
  3. Which Debts to Pay First
  4. ...and much, much more

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The 7 Best Debt Reduction Software Programs of 2021

Holly Johnson - May 13, 2021

While debt reduction programs cannot make your debts disappear on their own, it can help you create a thoughtful plan to pay things down faster or create more interest savings over time. Debt reduction programs can also help you create...

The 8 Best Debt Reduction Software Programs of 2021

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Debt Reduction Software Helps You Pay Down Bills

Shelley Elmblad - June 29, 2016

If you carry balances on credit cards or have outstanding loans, and bills are catching up with you, you need a plan to pay those debts off. The debt reduction software listed here will help you...

Updated Credit Card Management eBook from Respected Debt Management Software Company

Press Release - May 28, 2015

ZilchWorks, a debt management software developer since 1990, has released an updated version of its Credit Card Math eBook. Credit Card Math is an easy-to-use guide to understanding and managing credit card debt. ZilchWorks has found that customers who follow the eBook's straightforward advice have reduced their long-term interest payments by...

3 Credit Card Math Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Gerri Detweiler - March 02, 2015

Twenty years ago when Michael Riley first released his Credit Card Math tutorial, most people had no clue how interest on credit cards work. In fact, his revelations about how credit card interest and payment methods worked were considered so shocking...

Who Says Personal Finance Software is Dead?

Daniel Bortz - May 9, 2013

If you've fallen behind on payments on multiple credit cards, ZilchWorks can help you design a plan to pay off the debt. Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education at, says...

5 Ways to Get Out of Debt: Which Will Work for You?


You've set your goal to get out of debt. Now you have to figure out how to achieve that goal. But with so many different experts touting different solutions, how do you pick the one that will work for you? Here are five...

Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies

Sheryl Garrett © 2012 (pg 78)

A great, low-cost tool that can help you quickly establish the most effective debt-reduction plan for your unique situation is available online at You can ...

Retirement Planning: Cut Your Debt Before You Quit

CBS - Mark Miller - Jan 28, 2010

The free Credit Card Math calculator at ZilchWorks, a handy tool, can show you how to develop a rapid debt reduction plan to rid yourself of the plastic albatross.

DebtGoal is Way Too Expensive to Justify. Walk on By. - Steve Rhode - Mar 25, 2010

What concerns me is that all of the features of creating a personalized plan to get out of debt in the fastest time and save the most amount of money doing it can be achieved with ZilchWorks that only costs a one-time fee of $39.95.

Testimonial scroll

❝I realized that with this tool I could be my own debt counselor!❞

I found myself in the predicament of high credit balances. I heard the ads on the radio and TV about debt counselors, and credit counseling companies. I did not feel safe, or comfortable about contacting these strangers and trusting them with all my information.

I did not have the time to go through their process and was suspicious of the true cost of their assistance. Then I found out about ZilchWorks, ordered it, installed it and realized that with this tool I could be my own debt counselor!

This program is so easy to use and does what all the other companies want to charge you for. I was able to work out my payment plan in the privacy of my home. ZilchWorks showed me exactly what to do to reduce my debt as quickly as possible. I am gaining back my financial freedom with ZilchWorks. Thank you Michael for creating this wonderful program.

Kathy McClain, Ed.S. Career Educator - Michigan