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Chrome says your software is dangerous. What do I do?

The latest version of our software has been flagged as dangerous. It is safe to download. Follow these steps.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Won't Let Me Install Your Software

Microsoft Defender does a very good job keeping your computer safe. It does it's best to prevent harmful software from getting installed on your computer. However, there are times when some legitimate software...

Get familiar with the Main Screen of Zilch Standard

This video gives you a big picture view of the Main Screen of Zilch Standard.

Exploring the Main Menu Options within Zilch Standard

This video goes over the Main Menu options available within Zilch Standard. File, Loans, Investments, Preferences, Help.

Understanding the Payment Plan Options within Zilch Standard

This video explains the four Payment Plan options available within Zilch Standard. Start Month, Payoff Strategy,Pledge Money, Payment Plan. It ends with an in-depth discussion of the seven different payoff strategies available.

More videos are in development.
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USMC Gunnery Sergeant Chevron

zilchworks.com is owned and operated by Michael J. Riley, a retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. Riley's easy to use Zilch software has been helping people get themselves out of debt since 1991. "Zilch does one thing and does it very well, it gets you out of debt."

I was looking through my cancelled checks to shred old records and found a check to you for Zilch written on 10/3/1999 for $34.00. Money well spent.

Thank you. Your program accelerated my debt reduction. Shortly after I started using Zilch I was eligible to buy a house and have almost never carried a balance into the next month.

Thanks again.

Rodney Nibbe - Minnesota
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We believe you can get out of debt by yourself. All you need is a little help setting up a payment plan.