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Just fill in the blanks, and push a button!

You can get out of debt today and save thousands of dollars in interest penalties. Just fill in the blanks and push a button. Zilch Standard does the rest. It's that easy.

Zilch Standard takes into account all of the details surrounding your debts, interest rates, current payments, outstanding balances, etc... and quickly and easily turns it all into a month-by-month detailed debt elimination plan.

With just the click of the mouse you can print your monthly payment schedule and be on your way to financial security. Stop giving your money away... Stop making your bank rich... Stop making your credit card company rich... Stop making your mortgage company rich. Because, as long as you keep giving them your money they'll keep taking it.

Now, you can take advantage of trade secrets used by many financial counselors in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No financial expertise is required. Isn't about time you enjoyed financial peace of mind. Go ahead, do it. Make that decision to get out of debt right now. Do it!

C.H.  -  Oklahoma

"Zilch is the most mind-bogglingly useful financial software I have ever seen."
Kathy McClain  -  Michigan
Ed.S. Career Educator
"I realized I could be my own debt counselor!"
"I found myself in the predicament of high credit balances. I heard the ads on the radio and TV about debt counselors, and credit counseling companies. I did not feel safe, or comfortable about contacting these strangers and trusting them with all my information.

I did not have the time to go through their process and was suspicious of the true cost of their assistance. Then I found out about ZilchWorks, ordered it, installed it and realized that with this tool I could be my own debt counselor!

This program is so easy to use and does what all the other companies want to charge you for. I was able to work out my payment plan in the privacy of my home. ZilchWorks showed me exactly what to do to reduce my debt as quickly as possible. I am gaining back my financial freedom with ZilchWorks. Thank you Michael for creating this wonderful program."
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We believe that being in debt sucks and we want to help you get out of debt as fast as possible.

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From Our Customers  From Our Customers

I am very impressed with your software. I did not want to go through credit counseling and have it look bad on my credit report, but I needed someone to tell me who and how much to pay each month.

Your software does just what I needed. I love it. Thanks again.

Sabreina Johnson
North Carolina

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ZilchWorks helps people get out of debt. We have been teaching the payment snowball method for elliminating debt since 1990. Our most popular product, Credit Card Math™, is chock full of timeless, financial information. Credit Card Math™ first appeared in 1994 and continues to receive thousands of downloads from all over the world. Our Zilch Standard™ product is an easy to use, low cost solution that creates do-it-yourself debt management plans. Zilch Standard™ takes advantage of trade secrets used by many expert financial counselors. Our customers get out of debt 55% - 65% faster. ZilchWorks is owned and operated by Michael J. Riley, a retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant.

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