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How Zilch Works

Step 5 - Make the monthly payments

How Zilch Works Steps 1 through 6

Step 5 - Make the monthly payments.

Print your Monthly Payment Schedule by clicking the Payment Schedule button on the Debt Repayment Screen.

( Print Payment Schedule )

The Monthly Payment Schedule is your yellow brick road. Each brick represents a monthly payment. These monthly payments have been carefully layed out to ensure you get out of debt as fast as possible. You follow the yellow brick road by making each payment.

( Monthly Payment Schedule )


Along the way you will encounter transitions. Transitions are good things. A transition happens when the last payment is made to a creditor. When a creditor is paid off, it frees up some money. That freed up money gets shifted to the next creditor. This shift is called a transition.

The first transition is shown by the red outlined section below. The monthly payment going to Sears gets shifted to MasterCard. It is partially shifted in March because Sears has a smaller last payment. It is fully shifted in April because Sears is now completely paid off.

( Monthly Payment Schedule - Transition #1 )

The second and third transitions are highlighted below. The monthly payments from paid off accounts are shifted to the next priority debt.

( Monthly Payment Schedule - Transition #2 and #3 )

These transitions form what is called a payment snowball. This video, taken from Credit Card Math, explains the concept of payment snowballing and demonstrates how the transitions are created.

( The Concept of Payment Snowballing )
Information about Credit Card Math can be found here

How Zilch Works Steps 1 through 6
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❝It is almost laughable at how easy it is to get this paid off❞

After being trapped by the vultures in the credit card industry, I followed your advice and have started to make progress paying off my debts. I never knew about the ways these vicious companies keep a consumer paying for years and years. You have really opened my eyes to this problem.

I have followed your advice for 15 months. My minimums are so low its shocking but I keep making the amount I set up. It is almost laughable at how easy it is to get this paid off but without your help, I never would have been able to do this. Thanks again Mike. Keep doing what you're doing. And I hope you get rich and famous and live a fantastic life.

Robert Gardner - Georgia
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