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How Zilch Works

Step 6 - Stay Committed

How Zilch Works Steps 1 through 6
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Step 6 - Stay Committed

( Inspirational Message )


Today is the day I will get out of debt. I have procrastinated far too long. For too long I have lived with the burden and shame of debt. For too long I have ignored the negative impact debt has had on my life. For too long I have suffered unnecessarily the stress and hardship brought on by debt.

Today it is time to step out from under the cold shadows of debt into the warmth of light. Today I have a sense of hope and of a new beginning. The path to my debt free life has been laid out before me. All I need is the courage to act. I will act now and take that first step.

How will I accomplish this long and difficult task? I will take matters into my own hands. I will roll up my sleeves and dig my way out of debt one payment at a time. I will formulate a payment plan that prioritizes each of my debts. I will make the minimum payment on all debts except the debt with the highest priority. And on that debt I will pay all the extra money that is available to me.

I will continue making payments in this fashion until the highest priority debt is completely paid off. Then I will take all the money that I had been paying to the highest priority debt and add it to the payment of the debt with the next highest priority. I will continue in this manner until this debt has been paid off.

With each month that passes I will feel more and more hopeful as I see the progress being made on my debts. Every month my sense of hope will increase and my enthusiasm will rise. I will feel encouraged as I continue to follow this procedure of making payments and shifting the money from paid off debts to the next highest priority until all my debts are paid off.

Today is the day I will get out of debt. I will not squander this opportunity that lies in front of me. Today I am commited to getting out of debt. Today I will act and I will act now.

How Zilch Works Steps 1 through 6
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❝Shortly after I started using Zilch I was eligible to buy a house❞

I was looking through my cancelled checks to shred old records and found a check to you for Zilch written on 10/3/1999 for $34.00. Money well spent.

Thank you. Your program accelerated my debt reduction. Shortly after I started using Zilch I was eligible to buy a house and have almost never carried a balance into the next month.

Thanks again.

Rodney Nibbe - Minnesota
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